Sandbox account contact limit for first API testing

Hi There,
I’m trying to get some information on having the ability to up our contact limit in our sandbox account for testing our API calls. It seems like the contact limit is about 250 contacts. Is there a way that the limit can be increased so we can better test our API integrations for staging before going live?

Hi! Currently all sandbox applications are limited to 250 contacts. I’ll reach out to you through a direct message to see if there’s something we can do at Keap to assist with your testing your integration.


What use case could you not test for with a 250 contact limit? I’ve been a Keap Certified Developer for 10 years now and not one client project involved any details that kept me from testing api calls etc.

Only exception might be load testing but you can do a read load test without any issues or influence on a live app (other than using api calls). Anything else tests out just as easily with 200 contacts as it would with 2000 contacts.