Maximum Number of Tag

I am new in using Infusion Soft. And I only have account free trial for test API.
I want to know maximum tag in account free trial?
Maximum request apply tag to contact in acount free trial?

Appreciate your response.

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If you’ve got a sandbox application, you’ll probably have the same limits on tags that a regular application has.

I would imagine that you could create thousands or even tens of thousands of different tags and it wouldn’t break anything. I’ve never needed or seen use cases for more tags than that but I’ve never seen an app break with too many tags.

As far as applying tags (if you’re talking about the API and specifically this call), you can apply a tag to a large number of contacts (hundreds) without breaking anything but the call will take longer to return depending on how many contacts you’re tagging, and so as the number of contacts to tag grows you’ll probably run into timeouts. Even with the timeout, the contacts will still probably get tagged just fine, but it can take a while the more that need to be tagged.


Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

One more question, same question but accout free trial is account User (not develop account)?
Detail :
_ User : Account free trial.
_ Develop : Sandbox application.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but I think you may be asking about the difference between the Sandbox Account (which is “Infusionsoft by Keap”) and the Free Trial Account (which is “Keap”).

A month or two ago when I saw that Infusionsoft had created a name change (to Keap) and made them into two separate products (“Infusionsoft by Keap” and “Keap”), I decided to sign up for a free trial account to see what the differences were, especially from an API standpoint.

From what I gathered, the new “Keap” applications are just a different user interface that are better tuned for certain kinds of businesses. However, under the surface things are still pretty much the same with the API.

What that means is that everything API related should work pretty much the same whether you’re working with your sandbox account or your free trial account.

Yeah. I want ask for Keap Account.

Great! As far as I’m aware there aren’t any tag limitations in Keap. So if you’re working with a reasonable number of tags (I’ve seen several thousand and would imagine that tag numbers into the tens of thousands would work) I think you’ll be just fine.

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There are no tag limitations. Sandbox accounts cannot charge through merchant accounts, have a limit of 500 contacts and can only send 100 emails per month. Other than that, there are not differences between paid and sandbox accounts.