Same user in multiple funnels in single campaign?

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Can you have the same user in more than one email sequence embedded in the same Campaign?

If so, is that user only counted once in the campaign viewer window?

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Contacts can be in multiple sequences within a campaign at one time. As to weather the campaign reports them as being in the campaign once or more than once you would have to test that to find out but it shouldn’t be hard to do so.

Yeah, I’m not sure either about how the user is counted in this scenario…would like to know…but it’s Saturday and I’m lazy. :smile:

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Contacts can be in multiple sequences within the campaign but cannot be in the same sequence more than once. If you are running the Campaign Contacts Report and select all the sequences within the campaign then it would list the contact multiple times.

You an pull up the sequences reporting from the campaign Report tab

Double click the Blue People

OR go to

Marketing > Reports > Campaign Contacts

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