Sales Tax (VAT/HST)

Problem 1: There is no Drop Down list for Provinces (or US States, for that matter) and so there is no Data Validation for applying Sales Taxes. This means that if New York has a 10% State sales tax and the person types in “Ne York” as their state in the order form, zero state sales tax will apply. Data Validation via Drop Down Lists is BASIC! I can implement one in Excel in about 30 seconds! So what is the IS solution? Set up your state tax tables to include all various spellings and mis-spellings of the state. Really?
Problem 2: Compounding: (adding state/provincial sales tax to country tax) is not a simple addition but is tax on tax. (so 5% country and 10% state on a $100 order is not $5 + $10 = 15. Its $5 + ten percent of $105 = $115.50. WRONG!
Problem 3: Some Canadian Provinces have combined (ie 1 number) country and state(province) sales taxes and some provinces have separate country and province sales tax (ie 2 numbers). These numbers have to be broken up on the invoice.
IN SUMMARY: The IS Sales Tax module is really IMMATURE. I am shocked that this is in the state it is in. IS is trying to be a global company and attract global clients but does not realize that US based solutions will not work in other countries in the world and they do not seem to care that their international clients are struggling with this.
Has Anyone Else run into Sales Tax issues? How have other Canadian or International Clients solved this? Thanks!

Hi! Did you find a solution? I am improving the same problem. Thanks!