SaaS using infusionsoft


We’re a SaaS business using infusionsoft for both incoming and outbound marketing. We’ve dedicated a lot of financial and development resources to infusionsoft over the past 16 months. Now in July 2017 we’re seeing that many MA solutions are offering SaaS specific in app or social media communication to campaigns, where infusionsoft hasn’t released 1 SaaS MA product in this period.

We’d prefer not to leave infusionsoft because of the disruption, if anyone within this forum has experience in using IS successfully within SaaS please reach out.

Thank you.

Hi @Josef_Nalevansky - I’m assuming you mean things like Intercom or even ActiveCampaign where you can trigger in app notifications, etc based on the contract record? This is obviously possible with Infusionsoft. I know there is also at least one integration that has been done and made available as a product for logic based website notifications - I’m not sure if they support mobile, but if you are running a desktop app it might work. Unfortunately I can’t think of what it is called, and I’m not finding it on a cursory search of the marketplace - I’ll post back if I do remember.

I may be interested in developing an add on that addresses what you are talking about - I’d love to hear more about your specific use cases / the features you’d be interested in.