Ruby library for REST api?

Does anyone know if there is a ruby gem or library that works with the new REST API?

REST doesn’t use support libraries. You use whatever language you are using to post specific required information to an endpoint.

Understood. I was referring something more of a client library that already has all the endpoints and object definitions set up.

To me, that wouldn’t make sense to do since one of the draws of REST is no dependencies. But no, there are only two base url’s (one for auth and one for REST) and then the paths for each service. No dependencies in any language.

It’s a fairly common practice with the Ruby language. For example, the Twilio API is restful, however, life becomes a lot easier when using their gem.

Hi @Eric_Berry It looks like we have a library that can be found here: API Helper Libraries - Keap Developer Portal

Hi Jon, thanks for the link. The library that is linked is for the older API, not the newer one. I was hoping there might be one available for the new API. No worries