Keap API Rest v2 Routes

Trying to build out an integration with KEAP REST API. So far what I need to accomplish only seems possible using a mix and match of the XML-RPC and v1 API. I do see that there’s a v2 REST API but only has routes for contacts, notes, and tags. Other routes similar to those in v1 seem to bring back a 501 Not Implemented error. Are these the only methods that are coming in API v2 and do I need to worry about XML-RPC and v1 being shut off?

The REST v2 is the API under current development, and we are actively working on both updating REST v1 endpoints to v2 as well as including functionality that previously only existed in the XML-RPC API.

It is our intention, once equivalent functionality is established, to deprecate the legacy APIs and eventually remove them, as maintenance is an additional burden on our development teams. To safeguard your code I would implement an abstraction layer around any individual API calls, so that you can easily switch out provider APIs at a later date.

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Will do, thanks Tom!