Retrieving User info

Hi guys.
I’m slightly confused about UserInfo (defined here).

I’m able to obtain follow object:

      "email": "string",
      "family_name": "string",
      "given_name": "string",
      "global_user_id": 0,
      "infusionsoft_id": "string",
      "middle_name": "string",
      "preferred_name": "string",
      "sub": "string"

and field infusionsoft_id actually has the same value as email. So I’m not sure what happen with it if user will have his email changed. Will those id also be changed? The main question - is the infusionsoft_id field permanent or it can be changed, and better case is using global_user_id ?


Internally the Infusionsoft ID is the same as email. This can change. the immutable id is the subject sub field which is also the same as global_user_id. Some of the fields are aliased to be compliant to the spec.

email and infusionsoft_id are not necessarily the same. infusionsoft_id is the username you use to log in to the UI. email is the email in your personal info. Changing the email doesn’t change your Infusionsoft ID.

To change your Infusionsoft ID:

  1. Log in to your Infusionsoft account.
  2. Navigate to Edit My Profile.
  3. Under the Infusionsoft ID section press Edit.
  4. Edit the information then press Save.

Sorry forgot to mention like @Chris_Montgomery stated that email and infusionsoft_id can be different. It is rare that someone uses a different email address for login and the email address inside the Infusionsoft Application on their local user record, but it is possible.

Thanks for your usefull replies, guys.