How can I change a users account to their married name

I have a user who now wants to use their married name to access Infusionsoft. I can change her email address to the new one but I cannot see how i can change the infusionsoft ID name which she uses to logon with

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Mo x

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Hey @Maureen_McCarthy. This is something that the user has to do while logged in. With Infusionsoft you have your own log-in, and it is associated with the app (a login could be associated with multiple apps, basically). If the user logs in and heads to their profile, there will be a little edit link at the top right of the grey box that contains the users name and login email.

Clicking this edit button will give the user to edit their Infusionsoft ID first and last name. The user will need to log out completely after changing this.

Thanks James knew there would be a simple answer


Mo x