REST API - Is there a SIMPLE way to post an Order ID?

Using Infu order forms; when customer places order I need to send an infu orderid to my app (an industry-specific web app) via the REST API.
When creating the cam seq and attempting to define the Post…I see nothing but contact-centric fields.
Why can’t I post an infu orderid each time an order is placed - then use the API to Get the specifics (eg retrieve and order w/orderid) from the infu e-commerce module.

If this approach isn’t supported by Infu, what are others doing to address this issue?

Hi @Randall_Weisheit, from the API perspective you may have some luck using REST Hooks. You would need to set up an endpoint on your side that can accept the incoming REST Hook request, and then add a REST Hook subscription via this endpoint. You will receive a POST to your specified endpoint each time an order is created if you were to subscribe to the order.add event. For the full list of event types, see this post.

Thanks! Very helpful and will drill-down on this approach. This may solve our problem…will keep you posted.

Your suggestion worked! Took some time to get it setup but testing has now proven that the subscription to the REST Hooks addressed exactly what we wanted!