Referral Partners login

Client’s team is using same login to their RP center and when someone logs in, it knocks the other out of the center. What is the solution?

The only workaround in this instance would be to use separate log-ins. Log-ins in general are not designed to be used by multiple users. Though some do, in the Infusionsoft App itself, the log-in IDs are designed to be used by a single user.

different log ins then are different affiliate code, right?

yes, that would be the case… It sounds like your needs are to have multiple people log in as the same referral partner, which is what I didn’t have a work-around for.

okay - thank you.

I just tested logging into a RP center while another was logged in, and neither of us were logged out…so Infusionsoft is saying that their system will not knock another logged in person out of the rp center when someone logs in.

Do you have the experience of a client being knocked out of their referral partner center when another team member logs in?

I don’t have personal experience with this specific example, but I do know that, by design, our system is designed to have 1 user logged in as a specific user at a time, as our system sees the log-in as one session.

An example of this is. If I log into my app as and my team mate logs in as the same user, and then either times out, or signs out, I would be logged out as well, as our system sees 1 session per log-in ID.

I’m referencing the Referral Partner center-

Per Infusionsoft guidance, they just told me that two or more people can use the same log in when going to the RP Center.

Yes, this would be the same thing. I just personally haven’t ever tested this in referral center, as it runs off the same “single session per user” criteria as the app itself, as the RP center is a piece of the app. Users could be kicked out if another user logs out, or they leave their browser tab open and it times out.

why then when I tested it, I wasn’t logged out and neither was the other person in the rp center?

I can’t necessarily explain this, as you have referenced that it does happen. The reason it does happen, is due to the fact that the system is designed for a single user to be logged in under an ID at 1 time. It is not designed to have multiple users logged in as the exact same “user” at the same time. Infusionsoft and the referral partner center log-ins are, by designed, for each user logged in (at the same time) to have their own user record / referral record / log-in

Infusionsoft hasn’t implemented any checks to automatically kick out any other instances, like other services, but it is still the case, by design.

okay - got it. Thanks for sticking with me.