Recurring Credit API Equivalence?

Hi Guys any Idea how to add Recurring Credit on a subscription via API? Id like to add some sort of my own custom discount codes and apply it to the contact’s subscription

any thoughts?

Hi @Jospeh_Bada, recurring credits are not currently available via the API.

Hi @Nicholas_Trecina thanks for the reply!
If that is the case do we have any work arounds? like having a Manual Payment on a future date?

Any advise?

Sorry but I’m not aware of any workarounds.

That’s a shame; I’d really like to be able to add recurring credits via the API - it’d be incredibly useful. Any chance this can be passed on as a suggestion for future development?

@Jospeh_Bada @Keith_Survell

I’ve passed your feature request to our PM for further consideration.