Adding time to a trial or adding credits to subscription via API


I don’t think there’s a good solution for this after testing but wondering if anyone has an idea to try.

We have a trial we are going to run w/ a partner. If a user signs up via the partner, the partner pays for the first month of service with our product.

Then if the user opens an account with that partner during the month, another month is added to their trial. Now they’re at 2 months free on our product.

If the user then does an action with the partner’s account, we add another month to the trial of our product. This makes for a potential 3 month trial of our product.

I can get parts of this to work fine, but can’t stack the trial days.

I currently have the test set up using a Campaign and Action Sets as follows:

User purchases 30 day trial product → Tag of purchase applied and data sent to partner → Action Set then starts a Standard Monthly subscription that has 30 free days.

If the user activates an account at Partner → Partner posts to a script we have that Tags user as doing so → Action set cancels that Standard Monthly subscription → removes the 1st purchase Tag → small delay → Action set that starts another Standard Monthly subscription that has 30 free days.

And so on for the next action that adds more time to the trial.

The problem I can’t seem to fix with delay timers is that this doesn’t make the trial time add up. It just loops the initial 30-day trial.

Is there a way to instead increment by adding a credit. There’s ability to add credits manually when managing a user’s subscription, but we’ve never found a way to do that via Action Set or API.

Before I decide to just have the sequences notify Customer Service to do the credit manually, is there a way to automate this?