Recommendation for handling secure membership site for videos

Hi, I am Gunnar Larsson, Infusionsoft user since 2012. Our company is producing 10-15 training videos to be sold where we want a PW controlled and secure area for our members to log into and view videos. In a perfect world, once the customer buys via Infusionsoft eCommerce, an account should be created in the membershiop site and a Welcome email should be sent to the customer. I would like recommndations for:

  1. Which membership solution to use
  2. Which secure video solution to use (Vimeo, SproutVideo, others)
  3. Other solutions to consider

Many thanks in advance.
Gunnar Larsson

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Iā€™m sure we have a number of recommendations, from past experience, but if your client runs a wordpress site, I know that there are plenty of folks who have had good luck utilizing Memberium as their membership site solution.

Again, I do know that a number of our community members have experience with running membership sites, so there will probably be a few more recommendations in here, soon. :slight_smile: