Question about Drilldown menu API

Hello everyone

I am having a challenge with the Drilldown menu. I am using a modal to transfer custom field entries from a selection made on my website to the appropriate custom field on my infusionsoft account.

If I use a text box or drop down menu, this code works fine

function dp_package_select($atts)
$atters = shortcode_atts( array(
‘package’ => ‘’,
), $atts);

$email = ($_GET['email'])? $_GET['email']:'';
$form = "
<form accept-charset=\"UTF-8\" action=\"\" method=\"POST\">
<input name=\"inf_form_xid\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"2958f15d45636e785921af3c29ccbc12\" />
<input name=\"inf_form_name\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"confirmation ~br~of package\" />
<input name=\"infusionsoft_version\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"\" />
<input name=\"inf_field_Email\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"{$email}\" />
<input name=\"inf_custom_SelectedPackage1\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"{$atters['package']}\" />
<button class=\"dp-confirmation-button\" type=\"submit\" >CONFIRM YOUR PACKAGE SELECTION</button>

on the modal, I then put the following in the contents section of the model
[dp_package package=“Parlour Show”]

This works perfectly providing that “Parlour Show” in this example is in the drop-down menu. When I add the Drill down menu as an option, however, I always get the error “Invalid value provided for: SelectedPackage1” . Which is the same error I get on a drop-down if the wording did not match exactly.

Does anyone know how the “value” for the drill down menu needs to be layed out in order to work?

Thank you in advance for your help.

In the case of the drill down data type field, it will take an item id rather than the name of the item in the list. Interestingly, IS did not provide an app level way to do this (though it can be done through the api)

Thanks. I am not overly knowledgeable in code but I am learning quick.

How would I go about using the API to identify the id?

The table you are looking for is named DataFormField and with XML-RPC you can pull the option information using the dsQuery method. I don’t think REST has yet had table access implemented though.