Python package on pypi has old version

Not sure if this is the right forum for this but I’m building a SAAS using django. It appears there is an “official” python library. However, it is not maintained properly on the pypi. When will this be updated?

Thanks Tom. I will be sharing this information with the team that handles the resources.

Great! You might tell them to look at the listed issues and comments. People are calling the library dead.

For one thing, the latest commit is broken.

Tkwon - Sorry you are having troubles with the SDK. Much of our API team’s development effort over the last year has been focused on dramatically improving our REST API offering. We’ve worked to keep the PHP SDK up to date as this is the most heavily used language by our customer base. Unfortunately all of that has come with neglect of the Python SDK. It’s not right or ideal, I’m just being open regarding the prioritization decisions. With that said, we have a few more REST and OAuth related improvements to make and then will be turning our attention to really focusing on the SDKs (including Python). I do not have an ETA yet, but I’m optimistic that we will have improvements there before the end of 2017. I hope that helps.

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