Purchase Links / Shopping Cart / URL Parameters / Custom StoreFront

According to the InfusionSoft Documentation, you should be able to add a purchase link to a custom website


They go so far as to document the URL Parameters for the shopping cart.



I cannot get any URL Parameter other than quantity to work.

I tested these two URL’s on Friday April 23rd,




Neither one is working today, and InfusionSoft support is un-willing to help me, basically saying “Purchase Links” are no longer supported and only the InfusionSoft hosted StoreFront or the InfusionSoft hosted OrderForm is supported.

There are other URL Parameters listed, just curious if there is some cryptic pattern that needs to be followed and / of if productOptionId now needs to be used with productOption URL Parameters.

I know those two links worked last Friday, as I tested them prior to sending them to our website developer to drop into our custom StoreFront.

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It looks like the support reps have been told that they do support this already and the answer has been provided.

For clarity for anyone else the answer was this:

What we found is that you will need to use both of the URL parameters for Product Options in order for the URL to select the option properly. ProductOptionID designates which product option set up for the product is selected (ie. Shirt Colors, Shirt Size), and productOption selects the desired value of that product option (ie. Red, Yellow, Blue). An example of the complete URL you are trying to create is:


Here’s how you can locate the necessary IDs for the URL parameters in Google Chrome:

  1. Navigate to the product record in your app that you are linking to and click on the “Product Options” tab
  2. Left click on the “Edit” link for the option you wish to link to (in this case, it’s for Hotel Preferences)
  3. Right click on the “Delete” link for one of the values you wish to link to and select “Inspect”
  4. There should be a line that is highlighted and directly below that will be a line with an arrow pointing to the right.
  5. This should populate more content, specifically a line that reads “Infusion.Product.deleteProductOptionValue” followed by three numbers.

These are the numbers you need! The first is the product ID number, the second will be used as the productOptionID, and the third will be used as the productOption

That creates the link to get it into the cart.

I created a free mobile responsive template for the shopping cart so the customer can check out on any device.

Check it out:


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Thanks @JonSmith

However, The method outline does not work for me. I am now exploring using a “Variable” Product Option.

Steps 2 & 3 above seem only apply for a “Fixed List” of product options.

any thoughts ?


I created a WordPress plugin that syncs the entire storefront into WordPress. It automatically creates and syncs all products and categories directly from Infusionsoft. You can use all parts of Infusionsoft’s native e-comm including product options, subscriptions, upsells, affiliate tracking, etc. The plugin creates all those links automatically. Check it out…

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PM me if you have any other questions.