Can you pass the quantity to an order form via the url/query string?

Anyone know if this is possible? Or have any solutions that might work.



How comfortable are you with custom coding? It can be done, but I believe you’ll have to find or write the code to grab the value from the URL and use it to update the Quantity on the order form.

Another option, if they reasonable quantities are finite, would be to create X number of order forms (one for each quantity) and allow them to select from an intermediary page en route to the checkout. That way they click their desired quantity, and it takes them through to the corresponding order form.

Yup :wink: ^^^^^ What @Greg_Jenkins said :smile:

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If the referring page is a WordPress page you can install the “URL Parms” plugin. It eliminates the need for custom coding through the use of shortcodes. Super slick with great documentation on formatting the shortcode.

@Bill_Lee, I have had this plugin for years on my WP site but still don’t understand the use of the shortcodes other than adding the short code via html on a website thank you page after an Infusionsoft form is filled out on the site.

In @David_Borys case, are you saying that the shortcode would be appended to a link URL going to an order form posted on a page on his website.

Hi Bill, Not sure how this will help. The Infusionsoft order form will not accept Quantity changes via the URL string or this would not be an issue. How, exactly would URL Parms help with this situation? Thanks.

In the case of order forms, the products you see listed (and their quantities) are just text representations of their values. What this means in practical terms is that while it is indeed possible to change anything on a form, including the quantities, there is not way to know what product you would be modifying this for. This could work, IF the order form is for a single product AND you know in advance what that product is. But again, as @Greg_Jenkins eluded to, this would require customization’s with code.

Ah, yes David. My apologies! I had to go to the “way-back-time-machine” to figure out what we’d done to solve this problem with order forms. Turns out we switched to using a shopping cart theme using bundled products. We’d send an email with a link to the cart that was preconfigured with the products and quantities.


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@Cheryl_Hunt - We also use it to pre-populate known contact fields when a known contact clicks through from one of our email offers or leadpages forms.

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