Public Form or Webform to pass on the page URL

Hello Community

For Real Estate website, I would like to add Form (Contact Form) for each advertised property page.
I am currently using Public Form for this. The form itself work fine and I am getting all the filled information from our visitors - name, phone, email etc. However because we do have many property pages where this form is placed, I would need to know the exact property page URL where the form was filled, so I can follow up with the client on the specific property inquiry. The Keap Public Form is unfortunately not able to pass the page URL. The support team promised to create new feature request, however they were not able to provide me any record that the feature request was in fact created or what is it’s status ;-(
Instead, they advised me to use a Webform. When I tired that, I discovered that the Webform will decrease my page loading time from ~3 seconds to perhaps 30 seconds (!!) or so, which makes this form completely unusable…
I discovered an old post about this issue from 2017, claiming similarly devastating effect on the page loading time when webform is used…
Did anyone else manage to solve the form issue to pass the page URL in some acceptably working fashion? Is there a workaround how to get the page loading time to acceptable range when using Keap webform?