Products import done successfully but articles with prices are not added

So i’ve followed the example file i’ve found at the import products section and made own file with products.
I achive to successfully import the products according to the program but they don’t appear at the product section.
At the import historial section it’s seen how all of my products are scheduled but just a few addded.

Then i realized that products with prices which have decimals are not imported. I use the point to manage decimals, like: 28.50.
The thing is that when i’m setting up my importation the preview shows me the price correctly.

Does anybody have the same problem?
I’d appreciate some help here :slight_smile:

Hi @Valeria_Antipatico

Normally when that happens it means you have one of the following in the data:

  • a comma
  • an emoji
  • a semi-colon

Those off the top of my head are the main culprits of data importing going wrong.

Hope that helps


Thanks Andy for your reply.

I’ve noticed the key of my problem: the way we show prices.
So in our system, a thousand euro with fifty cents is displayed like; € 1.000,50. If i try to import a .csv with product prices like this, obviously it gets the number as 2 different fields because of the comma.
Then when entering €1000.50, the preview looks ok, but then the product doesn’t get imported.

Any thoughts?

Interesting, I would say 1000.50 is perfect for the import. Unfortunately without being able to see a lot more info I can’t help, I’d suggest contacting support at this point



Finally we’ve managed to solve it. Basically Infusionosft is setted up for working with numbers in which the decimal part is separated by a point from the integer part.
When importing products having your system setted in (for example) Euro as currency, Infusionsoft wasn’t able to display prices, so products including decimal parts weren’t imported at all.

The solution is simple: switch your currency to Dollar, import contacts, switch again to your previous currency.