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Hi ya’ll

I have a really ambitious project I want to complete by the end of this week and I need your help, please :slight_smile:

I want with any enquiry I get on my website, my cloud printer to automatically print the fields I define (more like a label type thing) Is this possible?

The workflow would be like this:

Customer Enquires - > Tag Applied → infusionsoft Campaign Triggered → Send customer details to cloud Printer → Get the details printed automatically.

How can this be done?

What I tried so far is to put the cloud printer’s email address into the to: field of the email in infusionsoft. I read more and I saw that this is a bad practice… so nothing happens…

Thank you all for your help.

This depends mostly on your cloud printer’s ability to handle incoming requests. The most likely option for you would be to use Zapier. Your flow would look like this:

Webform submission → Infusionsoft Sequence with HTTP Post sent to Zapier with the correct fields → Zapier sends info to your printer.

Check out the options here:

I’ve managed in the end.

This is how I’ve done it.
In the webform, I created a hidden custom field set to Email Address 2 and with the value of my printer’s email address.

I than created a campaign that automates all my mailings and contains the details of that customer which I want printed… and the email is sent to Customer Email Address 2 (which is my cloud printer)

Cha-Ching All working good :slight_smile:


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