Post an email broadcast link onto Facebook

Hi, I would like to be able to post a notice to FB (in my group and on my page) that a newsletter has been sent out. Is there a way to post a link that will take them to the newsletter?

So…sort of.

You CAN send yourself a broadcast, and include the HostedEmail merge field, and then you can click that link, and it’ll give you a URL for the hosted version of that email.

That’ll get you close - but the merge information IN the email will have your details, because the email was sent to you.

And, any clicks in on the hosted version of the email will be reported back to Infusionsoft as if you clicked it (again, because it was sent to you).

So, it would technically work, but might make for some interesting/convoluted stats inside IS.

Here’s the article with the merge field you’d want to use:

I think another (and maybe preferable way) of handling this, would be to just publish the Newsletter as a blog post on your own website.

Then, you can email your subscribers with a link to the page/post.

And, you can use that page/post in your FB groups when you want to share it with people.

You mean to each of your contacts on FB? That would be a bit problematic though not impossible. FB allows for users to ok specific types of marketing, notifications and messaging and not allow others. This translates to a high number of failed attempts. If you can live with that then FB has quite a lot of documentation on the subject. Daniel Bussius also has a good article on setting up FB bots and marketing on your FB page…so a number of options are available.

Is there a plugin or way to posts your email broadcast on Facebook yet? Constant Contact had very easy-to-use social media integrations that allowed you to post the content of your email broadcast on FB, and it surprises me that I can’t find anything similar here.


Yep, it’s very important to know the precise time you should post on Facebook cause it is crucial to control the content for your auditory and get a certain amount of traffic. Here’s an article that will help you to understand when to post on Facebook