Can email / enewsletter broadcast be posted to facebook page

I have created an enewsletter via email broadcast. Can this be posted to FB and LI?

What do you mean by posted? You can create a post with the content from your email by signing in to your ad account or even just posting it in your stream. There isn’t a feature that automatically does this from Infusionsoft though.

What I was asking and hoping is if there was a way to auto post it. A feature available in Constant Contact as it is a great time saver. Fairly new to infusionsoft so, not sure of all the cans/cannots yet.

Is there any other method or campaign that you are aware of in infusionsoft that would allow this?

IS does not have anything like that. There are third party tools that I believe integrate the effort. I ‘think’ that sync2crm may be one. I know Zapier has both FB and IS connections but I think that’s FROM FB to IS not the other way around and it probably does not involve ads.