PHP ISDK Open 2 database tables

Dear Community,

I am trying to open the Contact DB table and also show all the tags that are listed for each contact in the same pull.

I can do it but because I am opening a second connection it is taking too long and the code is timing out.

Here is a base of my code:

$query = array(‘LastName’ => ‘Janedo’);
$CntCompany = $app->dsCount(“Contact”,$query);
$returnFields = array(‘Id’,‘email’, ‘Company’,‘FirstName’, ‘LastName’, ‘Phone1’, ‘Phone2’, ‘StreetAddress1’, ‘StreetAddress2’, ‘City’, ‘PostalCode’, ‘_PenStartDate’, ‘ContactNotes’);

$contacts = $app->dsQuery(“Contact”,1000,0,$query,$returnFields);

foreach ($contacts as $key => $row) {
$CompanyName[$key] = $row[‘Company’];
array_multisort($CompanyName, SORT_ASC, $contacts);
foreach($contacts as $item) {

//Open second conection to get group id
foreach ($contacts as $key => $row) {
$GroupId[$key] = $row[‘GroupId’];
array_multisort($GroupId, SORT_ASC, $contacts);
foreach($contacts as $item) {

$GroupId = $item['GroupId'];



My question is, is there anyway search 2 database tables in one pull?

Thanks Dan

No, each query is independent, and due to database and payload constraints, we don’t return the tags along with Contact searches.

I would recommend identifying the tags that you are concerned with via the REST API (Keap REST API), then using those to get all Contacts tagged with that tag instead (Keap REST API).