OR Searches or combine search results?

Is there a way to search Field1=“ABC” OR Field2=“XYZ” instead of AND?

Or perhaps a way to combine search results from two searches? e.g. Field1=“ABC” results + Field2=“XYZ” results…

Thanks -

Hey, @Darryl_deGraaf. Not possible to do an OR search, but as you mentioned, you could do each individual search, tag the results, then pull up a search for both tags.



That makes sense.

Followup question (there is a lot about Infusionsoft that is still unknown to me).

Is there a way to automate what I want to do (a macro, script, or other programming within Infusionsoft) that would allow me - with a single step - to:

  • search for CustomField1=XYZ
  • tag result contacts as XYZ
  • search for CustomField2=XYZ
  • tag result contact as XYZ
  • search for XYZ Tag and return the results