Creating a contact list from “search”

When doing a contact search I am finding that if I select multiple search criteria I get less contacts. I’m selecting “contains any” in some of the dropdown boxes but I’m also selecting some criteria such as “Billing Country”. To get around this issue for my Mail campaign I am needing to send multiple campaigns to a number of groups.

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Hi John, when working in the Search sections it applies “AND” operators for each of the Search Criteria selected.

Example, if you were selected Email Status, Tags, and the Billing Country fields, the search would be the following below.

Search Contacts that have an Email Status “Contains Any” “???” AND Tags Assigned “???” AND Billing Country “Contains Any” “???”

If you do not want that way, then you will need to do multiple searches.

Tip here is to Tag the Contacts for each Search List, and also Save the Search for repeated usage as well.

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As Pav says, the operator logic between fields is AND, not OR. I find I almost always have to use temporary tags to get all the contacts I want for a campaign. Taking Pav’s example, I’ll search Email Status “Contains Any” “???” then tag all of them with my temporary tag for this campaign. Then I’ll search Tags Assigned “???” and tag those. And so on, however many different things I’m looking for. Naturally, if you actually want the AND logic, search the fields together in one search. Finally, after everyone is tagged with your temporary tag, you search for the temporary tag only and queue them into your campaign. Alternatively, make your campaign and have it start when the temporary tag is applied.