Multiple tag Criteria Saved Search

Does anybody have any ideas as to how to handle more than 2 tag criteria’s for a saved search? In my case I have 3. The first being that doesn’t have ANY of these tags (one tag) , the second being that doesn’t have ALL of these tags (two tags), and the third which I obviously am unable to do is contacts who doesn’t have ALL these tags (two tags - different than the one before).


Hi Ben, so, i don’t know of a way to add a third bit of tag criteria to the native search options; but depending on your scenario you may be able to get what you’re after by using decision diamond logic.

So, you could run contacts through a series of decision diamonds (checking all three of the criteria you mentioned), and then either run a report for the folks who end up in the bucket you’re after, or, use automation to apply a unique tag to those folks and then set up your saved search looking just for that tag.

Do you know what I mean?


Great idea Greg, thank you!

I would export it to a csv and do the search in excel with formulas if needed.