Notes the campaign builder

This is one of those things that’ll drive me batty. I’m searching for Notes in the Campaign builder not Notes in a sequence but Notes in the builder (see the picture)

It might be assumed that because I can do some html in there that I know what my limits are. I think there’s amazing potential to keep things organized and to help others in understanding what I’m doing in a campaign etc but I don’t know where to find the limitations and best usage of the Notes. Again, see the picture. I’m talking about notes, not notes in a sequence, although I’m also talking about notes in a sequence not notes in a sequence that can be attached to a record. This is why this is frustrating, google searches bring up notes, not notes. :slight_smile:

FYI, this question sounds like I’m frustrated and irritated :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: but I’m not, just stuck.


You can do quite a bit with campaign notes. You can develop links with popup messages, create hint balloons for hovering over with additional information, documentation links that open a new page with full help/support docs, post images/animations with iframes, etc etc

@Keith_Shapiro, anything that can be done with HTML can be done with the Notes widget. There isn’t any documentation in the Help Center regarding options and examples but if you search for ideas online that @John_Borelli mentioned, you’ll find sample code.

One addition to @Cheryl_Hunt’s mention is you can also use javascript which opens some further doors of use.

Well, that’s interesting, @John_Borelli :slight_smile:

All excellent answers, thank you so much


I made a joke about Miners and Minors and now that I really want to take advantage of the html notes in campaign builder, all searches come up with “how to create notes” but not the html notes I’m trying to achieve. If someone can connect me with some links or point me in the direction of the right info, I’d appreciate it very much. @John_Borelli, you have any? :slight_smile:

Hi @Keith_Shapiro,

Specifically, what would you like to be able to do with campaign notes?

@John_Borelli, some pop up notes, some formatting. If i try to format a note, like align it, it all disappears. Now, I’m not the best css or style coder, but I know enough to be dangerous :sweat_smile:

I’ve taken all of the PlusThis HTTP Posts that I’m using and notated them, along with links to their edit page for convenience but I can’t do much more and would like to get some examples of different things.

A question I forgot to ask… How do I search for info on the notes? Are they called something else? That would also be very helpful.

There really isn’t documentation on customizing notes. Just generically creating them.

@John_Borelli, where can I find some of this stuff that you mention here?

Hi @Keith_Shapiro,

I had to put something together to really explain some of it (others have asked for it as well anyway)

Code examples are pasted into the video comment section.

@John_Borelli, you are a my hero today!


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