Not receiving a webhooks

We’ve created a KEAP integration that listens to contact created and contact tagged actions, it works very well and webhooks are fine. But not for this one user that we have, their contact creation and tagged seems don’t trigger the webhook because we are not receiving any KEAP requests under their account based on our logs. Is there any chance that KEAP blocks our domain for this specific user? Or any reasons from stopping KEAP not to fire the webhook requests?

Their tokens are updated - we’ve tried to do some test API and it works very well.

We are running out of idea that what could have been wrong, so it will be greatly appreciated your answers.

Good afternoon Vimily,

The first thing that I would recommend is checking to see that the Resthook subscription is active and verified.

The “status” field needs to be “verified” for us to process POSTs to your endpoint.

It’s also worth noting that if your endpoints are non-responsive repeatedly we may deactivate Resthook subscriptions, per our documentation. If this occurs, you simply have to submit the same verification request to re-enable the subscription when your endpoint is responsive again.