Not able to view all draft emails for the business

I cant beleive this is still a restriction where one cannot view all emails going out. This is a business and an image and communication standards. How can standards be reviewed, checked, or adjusted??

Businesses have positions and review posts or hats.
There is collaboration. One person alone cannot be responsible totally for how a business comunicates to the outside world

please please please get this change made as it is very restricted to corporate use.

Infusionsoft and Keap are NOT geared around the corporate world. They are specifically geared around small business. That being said you still have options for sending information to others but it has to be put in place and designed that way. I haven’t come across a single small business that has more than one or two people working together for copy in emails. If you feel that your ‘corporation’ is bigger than that and that you have need for something that is more industry/corporation geared, then you might want to consider if it’s the right tool for you and your business. There are target demographics that IS shoots for that bigger businesses don’t really fit into.

It is like you said - 1 or 2 people to view emails.
So I have a business and have someone creating emails, I as the owner or the marketing in charge will want to review drafts of emails going out. Right? Not unreasonable and as a marketing manager want to review emails as drafts. Without the need to send emails to people etc. This way - email drafts can be created by composers and then checked by manager. Not complex.

But that simple review cant be done as it relates to communications going out form the business. Very important that communications are reviewed and in alignment.

Why is this difficult to do or why does one want to “protect” email drafts for a single user?

Infusionsoft isn’t designed to manage you’re review process. You can automate copies to view them before ok’ing them or you can have the person doing the edits send the test to you so you can see them naturally, but internal management of your team isn’t a design feature of most crm’s.

I also would think this should be a standard. - Drafts of emails should be able to be shared among the entire company inside Keap. We can see all the “Previously Sent” emails and templates, but the versions of drafts are currently only seen by the person that started them.

Those drafts should be shared with everyone that way we can work on them collaboratively. Many companies like ours have users who would start the creation of the emails, while others should be able to make final adjustments and approvals before sending.

I agree whole heartily - I have asked for this basic requirement years ago - so multiple staff members can be given review options on an email before it is sent. This is a deficiency. We struggle with this thing every day. Keap is not for “1 man bands” - There is no need to protect a draft email…

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Exactly John - we dont need to “manage” emails - so let all users access drafts. This is a company system - not for individuals.