Not able to connect to wordpress

I am not able to connect wordpress plugin to the api i am generating

Good afternoon Anna,

We’d need some more details regarding you issue to help, may I suggest filing a ticket with our Advanced Support team to see if they can give you some guidance?


If you encounter an error or you have questions about throttling (e.g per day and per minute API call limits) our Support Team can help. Please allow 1 business day for a response.

Tickets are processed by members of our Support Team, who are trained on the Keap API, but are not developers. If you need help implementing the Keap API please refer to our Resources section, Developer Community, or post on our awesome Developer Facebook Group. You can also visit us on Github.

In most cases, our Support Team will need:

  • The ID of the Keap application you’re sending API calls to
  • Temporary access to the Keap application you’re sending API calls to
  • All support requests must include the following in plaintext:
    • Request URL
    • Request Header
      • Request Body – if applicable
      • Response Body, including all error codes
        • Please do not send screenshots

Please visit our Keap and Max Classic help centers for articles on locating your application ID and granting temporary access to our Support Team.

For Keap customers who do not have access to the request/response logs, we recommend contacting the developer of your integration first. If your developers believe a ticket should be submitted, kindly ask them to submit the ticket on your behalf, as it will be easier for our team to obtain logs and get answers to questions while working with them directly.