Newbie - Managing Next Action notes

Hi all and thanks in advance from Jeff in the UK.
We manage our clients through the sales pipeline and create “next action” notes and follow up dates, however when that customer doesnt need any more actions as has entered an automated process how do I remove the next action so it no longer shows up in Next Actions? I can move the customer to the won stage but without deleting the opportunity I cant remove the last next action?
Many thanks

At the time that you move the stage, it is intended that you edit the next action for the stage you’re moving to.

Hi John, many thanks for taking the time to answer. Ive added a next action throughout the pipeline, however when we get to the Customer Won stage there are no further actions req by my team. The client is tagged and goes on an automated all services campaign. Do I now need to delete these clients from the Won stage the moment they enter it?
Do I maybe set a next action for the won stage to delete out of Won stage in x weeks (so I can report)

If you enter the won (or loss) stage then the next action date is used to determine if it happened ahead or behind schedule (estimations) so at that point it isn’t an issue because the pipeline is considered to be ‘closed’ and it should indicate that after you click ‘save’ when moving into a win/loss just to the right of the stage drop down.

Not seeing how that works or what ive done wrong?

Did you click ‘save’? This is what it should look like. Either that or you haven’t defined what stages are assigned as win and loss:


Looks like a previous stage was down as won stage and I changed/added (unsure if more than one stage can be won) and subsequently its closed :slight_smile: Still in Actions but I guess it will update.
many thanks

FYI, you can’t have more than one ‘won’ or ‘loss’ stage. Also, the follow up actions won’t update, there isn’t a need to really on a closed opportunity. If it concerns you for your process then it would just have to manually be cleared when you set the win/loss stage.

So effectively it will always sit in my Actions due box despite having completed unless I delete from Opportunity? My process does require it in Won for a bit however I could set the next action to delete from Won in 7 weeks meaning it removes from next action and I delete in 7 weeks?
Ta Dah (hopefully)
Thank you John, really appreciate your time on this :slight_smile:

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