New Email system in Max Classic

I send email broadcasts from Max Classic, and still use the legacy broadcast. I would like to use the email broadcast, but am looking for some training as I don’t know what to do. I have asked chat, but they have just sent me articles relating to how to use the legacy broadcast, and i have looked at the training and that is the same. Has anyone found any training on the new system?

The process for sending a broadcast is the same, it is just that you choose the new email format instead of the old.

So when you go into ‘Email & Broadcasts’ just choose ‘Email Broadcast’ instead of ‘Legacy Broadcast’ and you will be taken to the new email builder instead of the old. Just walk through that process and you can send out your email using the ’new’ system.

Legacy takes you to a template chooser, then you have to go in and choose your audience in the ’to’ section, edit your email, then press ’send’ (kind of an ‘all in one’ page where you get pop-ups for each area).

With the new, you just choose the ‘edit’, ‘add subject’ etc. from the options on the right of the screen to edit each area, then it takes you to the email content last.



Hi @Abigail_Bromell, what training would you like, as it is something EXELA (who I work for) do on a daily basis.

PM me if you are interested in details.

All the best

Thank you for the reply. So for example, in the sender section it says Contact’s Owner as the name. I don’t know what this means, and when I click on edit that part is greyed out. The email section can be edited, but only to users of the system - on legacy i can change it so it says for example it is from a different section of the business. Any thoughts?

Thank you, i will keep your details, but i was really hoping for something within the app

So that is indeed one of the changes of the new builder - you can either send it from ‘The Contact Owner’ which is the User that has been set to be the owner on the individual contact record - so different contacts will see different senders based on that - OR you can send it from one of the Users

Hope that helps!

Yes it does, thank you, and it now makes sense! I feel sure there must be some training for this, but i just can’t find it.

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