New Certification Partner

Hi All,

I just joined as a certification partner. Happy to be here.

I own an ecommerce web development agency and web hosting company in :sunny: California.

Been riding this wave for 20 years. :surfing_man:

And I’m not a even developer.

I’m a strategist.

So I’m evolving my agency to include advanced sales and marketing coaching, consulting and implementation services for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Specifically, I’ve created a turnkey ecommerce sales and marketing ecosystem for dramatically improving ecommerce conversion rates.

I’m calling it ASK Commerce.

Infusionsoft is a key integration component for my technology stack.

Here’s the problem I’m solving for ecommerce businesses who’ve been suffering with low single digit conversion rates for years…

You see… We all know that the most effective sales channel in the history of mankind is and always will be human to human sales conversations.

And that all great salespeople are Masters of the Seven Steps of the Sales Cycle.

The most important of which is…

Step #4 - Determining the needs of the customer (which is simply asking a customer specific qualifying questions).

In order to…

Step #5 - Craft a persuasive sales presentation (targeting what’s most important to the customer before you).

These critical steps of the sales cycle are absent in ecommerce! :angry:

No wonder conversion rates have stunk like :poop: for the past 20-years!

ASK Commerce solves this problem.

With the help of Infusionsoft and colleagues like you, I can’t wait to bring ASK Commerce to the world!

Kurt :wink:

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Welcome to the community, @K5Davey! I applied your Partner avatar flair.

Welcome to the Infusionsoft community!