Greetings! My name is Sara Khoudary | Infusionsoft Certified Partner

I am an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and implementation strategist for all things Digital Marketing. Please visit my profile and introduce yourself. I am here to assist you where I can. Do reach out should you need any help on Infusionsoft campaign build outs, troubleshooting, implementation strategy and much more. Learn a bit more about my company, AIMA Digital Marketing by visiting my profile or searching the marketplace. Look forward to helping the community!

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Hi Sara!! Welcome to the community. You and I have worked together on a few support things in the past, back when I was on the Partner Support line! Glad you joined up over here, excited for you to be able to share your wisdom with the folks that frequent the community! Plenty of opportunities to build relationships. Welcome!

Great to hear from you James @James_Mefford! Super excited to be able to support the community!

Welcome to the community. We’re glad to have you here, @SaraKhoudary !

Thanks Martin @martinc. Look forward to helping where I can.

Hi Sara,
Curious if you have a focus (B2B, B2C, eComm, etc.). Also wondering where you are located? Welcome aboard.

@Scott_Zahn. Thank you for the welcome. I am located in Colorado, US. I consult on both B2B & B2C services.

Sarah I’m looking for a certified partner to set up lead integration and lead distribution. Can you help and if so what is the cost?

@Colin_Ocello let’s connect further to discuss your needs. Here is a link to my calendar.

Look forward to visiting.