Need a Facebook messenger integration similar to Tealeaves (email) and Salesmsg (text)

I use Salesmsg to keep track of text streams and apply tags from within my texting (I also use it for triggering IS campaigns I do via text). BUT I need something like this for Facebook. I have researched the “bots” and it’s not quite what I am looking for. I need something that allows me to have a conversation in Messenger and sync to IS as well as apply tags and tasks and integrate with campaigns.

I have a high-touch business (makeup / bridal /skincare issues) and my leads go from a personal conversation about their makeup and needs to booking etc. I have to be able to actually have a conversation via Messenger with them.

In summary, basically “Salesmsg for Messenger”:

  • sync between Messenger and IS
  • allow for realtime conversation with me
  • apply tags from within messenger
  • apply tasks from within messenger
  • integrate with campaigns with a trigger

Anyone know of something I can use?

PS really like Tealeaves for Apply Mail integration with IS and Salesmsg for text integration.