More than one pipeline

I need more than only one pipeline. Is this possible in Infusionsoft?

Yes and no! (Bear with me)

So what you do is set your first pipeline up say 0-500
Second pipeline up say 600-1000

On your Dashboard you can then have one widget that only looks at the 0-500 value stages and another that looks at the 600-1000

Not exactly two pipelines, but that does work

Only thing you can’t do is replicate the Loss/Won stages, they are a special type of stage you can have only once.

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unfortunately this does not allow me to do separate statistics for new business opportunities or upsells or whatever. it seems that Infusionsoft is a product designed exclusively for a B2C market and not for B2B

Is Keap the same or has it exceeded these limits?

What statistics are you looking to generate - there many be a way to still do this

Keap can have multiple separate pipelines, but there is less reporting tools within the system that Infusionsoft