More Information about DataTypes used in API

i’m searching more detailed infos for used fieleds from the api DataObject.

  • in special

special for customer fields:
“source_type”: “WEBFORM”, what does this mean? can i use this by creating a user from the api? Are the other values?
“contact_type”: “string”,
“website”: “string”

  • in general
    where is the right place to look for those additional information?

Hi @Oliver_Strixner, in the REST documentation for each endpoint there is a “Body Schema” section. In here you will find additional details about each field including valid values for ENUM fields like source_type.

The source_type field on contact is mainly for informational purposes. I don’t believe there is any functionality or logic keyed off of that field. I believe contact_type is similar, it just there for informational purposes.