More customisation on Signature blocks?

A client of mine recently enquired about the possibility of adding their sales person’s physical written signature (scanned image) to the signature of all their outgoing emails, just above the regular signature image and details.

There’s no option for this and we couldn’t add it as an image because the email is sent by 2 different sales people and the signatures wouldn’t match half the time.

We also tried using an image that included the signature, white space and then a photo, but it was too small and awkward looking.

Is there a facility for customising the signature block other than in the user settings? Would adding a signature like this be possible any other way? Is this a feature that sounds useful to you? (customising signature blocks, signature templates, etc)


Here is a Signature I created and then uploaded it as an image…this is my test one but I’d be happy to show you the one we use in InfusionSoft as well…


As far as 2 different Sales people - I’d have to think about that…

Thanks for the reply Cindy,

Using a signature image that includes the written signature image combined with a photo may be the way I have to go on this one since I can’t personalise an email to have different images for different contact owners.

Another potential issue I found is with letters. If the signature image isn’t square (as it won’t be with the written signature image combined with it), it can often appear stretched. It’s easily correctable in Word but it’s just a thought.


Can’t you assign a signature to different users?

We can – Then in the template Gallery – The user signature is defaulted by the choice we make.