Mojo Dialer Integration w/ Infusionsoft

Can anyone develop the integration between Mojo and Infusionsoft. The only connection so far is a simple Zapier connection that is not even close to what we need the dialer for. Mojo is by far the best dialer out there and we’ve tested a good number of dialers. Integrating it with Infusionsoft is our ultimate goal.

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I haven’t examined Mojo previously, but a bit of Google searching turned up these existing options:

If you require a custom integration, you can reach out to a Certified Partner to have one developed for you via the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

Tom, your links are for Mojo Helpdesk… not Mojo Dialer. just FYI. This is a real need in the real estate vertical, Mojo is getting traction and integrates natively with several CRM’s, but no IS. :frowning: