Mobile vs Desktop Email Results

Is there a way to see results, post email broadcast, on how many people viewed the email via mobile vs. desktop? Looking to see some more in-depth analytics on usage. Thanks,

Sorry. No can do.

That’s a pretty poor answer. Why not? If my memory serves me correctly, Constant Contact add analytics that displayed mobile vs. desktop opens. If they can do it, Infusionsoft (and all others) should have something similar.


The answer, while short, is correct. Infusionsoft does track visitor information such as resolution and OS but that does not get stored on actual contacts. As to the reason, Infusionsoft will have to be the ones to answer that but I can say that CC is an email delivery product and IS is far more than that. Sending emails is just a portion of a much larger system. Some use CC and other products like it, as their email sender, choosing to use Infusionsoft for it’s marketing strengths. Just one option, of course.