Microsoft Teams integration to Infusionsoft

When will Infussion soft support Microsoft Teams for video conferencing? I have MS teams with dial in conferencing call video conferencing support. Yet, if I use IFS, I have to use Zoom or gotomeetings with cost my 600 a year for a service that I already have for free with Office 365. (IMHO - the office 365 Teams works just as well if not better then zoom does).

Where is this on UFS product support list? Any one have a clue

Our company uses Teams and video conferencing etc. We have created some integrations already with Office365. What specifically do you need to integrate into Infusionsoft? The contact can be created with the appointment and I assume then you would want to be able to provide an invite?

Cool on gettign teasm integration to IFS for meetings.

There are a bunch of things
Infrastructure side

  1. SSO integration with modern authentication (IFS/KEAP is 50% completed with this)
    2.CAS connect build out with full access to the internal audit logs for data tracking
  2. Flow - improved connector integration (so we can trigger on events and pass data - in both directions

Once we have the above, at that point we can pretty much do anything; using all native services in Office 365. withthe changes inteh compliance laws, we have to control all data. A lot of the thrid part integrators don’t encrypt data in transit.


So the SSO part isn’t as bad as it may first appear. If you use the API Key method then you’re restricted to using the legacy xml-rpc for Infusionsoft, but it does everything you’d need it to and that would be directly SSO. If you use the OAuth xml-rpc or REST then you can simulate the SSO by managing refreshing of your tokens on an auth server of your own and in that way the three legged process can be, in practical terms, a two legged authentication you can use.

Flow can be used to handle anything coming out of Office and therefor connect to IS with whatever version of the API you will use.

Infusionsoft does have webhooks as well but they are only available with REST and REST requires the use of OAuth. Otherwise, using the legacy api, you can use a polling service on a schedule (5 minute polls are common), to check for updates from IS.

Then, the only piece left is what to do with information from IS when you find updates. An Office connector must be setup to take advantage of the Office API but again, quite doable.

Encryption being a factor, I can tell you that the Infusionsoft API makes use of TLS 1.2 and using HTTPS/SSL covers most peoples concerns with security/encryption. However, if you still want a greater level of encryption, it’s always possible to do and I’ve even had clients that I’ve developed custom encryption for that would take a very long time (years) for the best systems in the world to brute force through.

In short, there are ways to handle everything you’ve presented as needs here :wink:

Thanks for the update.

In this case we are talking 100% hosted out of the box. If I were to invest in writing web hooks it would be less expensive to use dynmics 365 and design out ifs for markedo. It so happens that ifs has value since the maintenance cost and third party support
is cheaper the for us then to deploy markedo.

I’m looking for solutions that scale, and are integrated into what we use. If I have to devote resources to build something versus buy a solution that works. I prefer to buy a solution that works versus have to put in place the overhead of a keeping a resource
to make something work.

This is a simple make versus buy. If I have to make, I’ll invest in dynamics 365 over ifs.

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I can understand that :wink:

There isn’t anything existing that I know of for Office365 though. Dynamics, however, does not have anything near the functioning and automation flexibility that IS has so it’s really a decision of trade off for function. You may not need more than Daynamics offers and they certainly are sufficient for many models/businesses…so that’s obviously a determination you have to make on your level :wink:

Currently it is more cost effective to stay with IFS then switch. Our Marketing folks like it, so that works in IFS favor. However, once the cost of supporting IFS the cost of other third-party packages, then it will be time to switch.

What is really happening is that we tend to lead in next generation automation and next generation security services. As we grow and scale, we look for ways to automate so we do not need to hire headcount (and increase overhead).

Looking at the third-party products that you have to pay to use with IFS

  • Appointment core → MS Bookings does the same thing and is free
  • Zoom/Goto meeting integration → MS Teams does the same thing and it is free
  • Zapier integration → MS Flow/Power apps does then same thing and it is free

I happen to like IFS, but strategically, IFS is making a lot of choices that is driven more from emotions then decisions that are good for the IFS business and allow IFS to scale.

Hi My company currently uses bots between Zoom and InfusionSoft to update contacts tags as a result of a) signing up for a webinar and then b) another tag if they attend (these tags also generate lead scores/flames) to highlight our contacts level of engagement. We were recommended to use ‘FillyourFunnel’ to do this.

Is there similar functionality to achieve the same thing if we use MS Teams instead?