Messages not pushing to outlook

Messages not pushing to outlook

I’m guessing by “messages” you’re referring to emails? Are you saying that emails FROM Infusionsoft aren’t showing up in Outlook? What version of outlook…ie client app (on your computer), Office365 (online), Exchange server…

Hi John,

I am not receiving the triggered message from Infusionsoft to my outlook although I have the plugin that will fill fields from outlook to IFS . Also I am not able to see the box with messages on the right hand side of IFS how can I fix
this ?

Cheers Alex

So are you using the browser plugin or the integration in the IS UI then?

Using the 365 outlook plug in for IFS but not receiving the messages from IFS into inbox ?

I guess I’m still not clear. They are both outlook. There’s one that’s a browser plugin and then there’s a feature inside the IS UI.

I have the browser plug in ……………………….my question is ……….should IFS not push a message to the browser plug in to notify of a message such as a trigger to call a customer set up in IFS ?

I think the browser plugin is only designed to push into infusionsoft but I don’t use it myself. We actually use Flow to update IS with code but aren’t worried about the other way around. The in app version is new so I can’t say I know if that one is two way either.