Mail double opt ins separately?

I’ve had several people tell me I should email all my double opted in folks separately from the rest of my list. I understand that they go out from a separate IP address at Infusionsoft and that improves deliverability but do I have to do it with a separate send? What other reason is there to send to my DOI list separately?

I have never separated mine and I am not sure that I would. What is the intended purpose of emailing them separately? How large is your list? If the list is very large then there may be an advantage of ensuring that a broadcast does not get held up by bad email addresses, or complaints. BUT if your list is clean then these should not be an issue.

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I’m just getting a peer telling me I should with NO reason why. I can’t seem to find any.

Emails are sent by status from the appropriate server based on the email address, and not on the sending method, design, approach or intent. In other words, you’d just be making more work for yourself.

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