Linking Magento to Infusionsoft

Has anyone linked their / a Magento site to Infusionsoft? Our programmers are estimating 1-3 days to get them linked. Many thanks in advance! Chris

Too many factors to say a time frame. How much information/fields, and what actions based on field content etc all play a part. Though the question is, if your programmers know how to integrate to IS then I’m sure they’ve taken this all into account, but if they don’t, then how do they know how long it would take?

They are going to look at the API details to get a more accurate idea of how long it will take. I was asking if anyone has linked Magento to IS to see what others’ experience is, and also whether we can get their developers to integrate our site and save some money. Thanks

Without knowing what fields/information you’re carrying over, no one can correctly give an answer though. I’m not sure which direction would save money, however. Your devs will require time to learn the api (what version, using oauth the way IS does and the requirements for fields such as date formats etc). Hiring a developer is more expensive on an hourly front but they wouldn’t have to learn the IS api specifics (though they would have to learn magento api if not already familiar). It’s never an easy call with custom integrations.