Link to send data using API key

I have a wordpress website but it has a custom built shopping cart so i am unable to use existing plugins to connect it to infusionsoft. I have the API key but my developer needs a link to the documentation to set this up. Does anyone know where i can fid this?


So there are two different authentication methods. The newer OAuth or the legacy api key method. The api key method will eventually be dis-continued in it’s use so it’s advisable to use OAuth. Additionally, the legacy is no longer supported by IS so there isn’t any documentation available regarding the use of the legacy api key and the legacy iSDK. Unless someone had made copies of it somewhere. I know the legacy api but I don’t know of any remaining documentation.

I’d recommend having your developer read the first three sections of our REST API documentation. That’ll give you a good overview of authentication and how they should make requests to that API.

After that, have a look at the left-hand navigation of our REST API documentation to get an idea of what resources are available.

When browsing through the resources, be sure to expand the samples on the right (click Show samples).

Thank you Mike,

My developer has seen this documentation but is still unclear as to how we can transfer order details from our site to Infusionsoft whenever one is placed.

Many Thanks


Essentially, a script must reside on your server (to be written by a developer and usually in PHP) that can have the information POSTed to). When it receives that information, it would assemble the information in a way that is necessary for the API/REST to receive it and update your Infusionsoft app with…in a nut shell