Is it possible to use the latest nfusionsoft PHP SDK with the Encrypted API key?

Every now and then I need to setup code to just grab some data for a client that I can’t export from the Infusionsoft UIs.

Typically I just use the legacy iSDK class, but on occasion PHP changes mean I have to modify the iSDK class… and it happened again today.

So is there any way to use this code base:

… with the encrypted key, and I’m just not understanding how?

Do I really have to access an Oauth script to access the API, and when I have code that needs to be triggered by a POST action in a campaign and send data back to the contact record, I have to create a caching mechanism so the request token stays updated… and when only one client needs the specific functionality… just seems like a big hassle.

What am I missing?

I found what I was looking for… eventually.