Link in Campaign e-mail - has it changed?

The links in my campaign e-mail now look like

. Is this something new or have I just not noticed it before. I wouldn’t click on a link that looked like that in an e-mail assuming it was invalid because it didn’t have the base url in it. Is there anything I can do to change it?


That is how Infusionsoft by Keap links are configured. Has been like that a long time. To the best of my knowledge, nothing you can do about that, as they are configured so you can track link clicks, etc.



So I’m ok with that and that isn’t actually my issue. I ran a test campaign on my campaign e-mail (been using a similar e-mail template for months) and I sent it to five e-mail addresses that I own. Four of them have virtually no spam protection turned on and one of them is an O365 account with minimal spam protection turned on. The O365 account will not let the message come through (marked as spam and in junk folder). Any best practices for avoiding this published anywhere? My DKIM record is set up.


The O365 is a known issue: