Line Item Issues Using Zapier to transfer orders from Shopify to Infusionsoft


Not sure this is necessarily the best/right place to post this.

I’m trying to connect a Shopify store to Infusionsoft using Zapier and have all orders created in Shopify copied into Infusionsoft.

I am using the trigger ‘New Paid Order in Shopify’ with the action ‘Create Order in Infusionsoft’.

Everything that I have set up in terms of the field to field translation works fine in the test except for the Product field. For this I have selected the data field from the Shopify order of ‘1. Line Items Name:’.

With the test order pulled in there are two products that are pulled in in this field. When I run a test however, only one of the line items comes through correctly and the other errors out with invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘ecoHand Soap 1L’.

In searching for a solution I’ve come across some oldish posts elsewhere that there is problem with getting line items across from Zapier into Infusionsoft. Some of them appear to have gotten it working, but without posting their solve.

If anyone has any advice on resolving this or can definitively say that it is not currently possible to do this that would be great.

Zapier is not at all good with variable line item invoices. They don’t deal well with the possibility of one, two, three or more line items as it’s difficult for them to determine how many line items are meant to be part of the order. I’ve had clients hire me to do custom integration code for that reason, so unless they’ve since made an improvement to how they determine order details I think it will continue to be a challenge.