Limits on Hits in sandbox test

What is the limit of “Hits” in the sandbox developer accounts?

We keep getting the following error in testing

Code: 429
Reason: Too Many Requests
{“fault”:{“faultstring”:“Rate limit quota violation. Quota limit exceeded. Identifier : KeapAK-e3ec144b8098e7b7c2a5ed77cfd6e9589df3789595b8a7716f”,“detail”:{“errorcode”:“policies.ratelimit.QuotaViolation”}}}

Good morning Sean,

It looks like you are using a Personal Access Token; our limits for those kinds of tokens are listed on the documentation page below:

Is there a way to up those limits?

This is happening on our main account or sandbox account

Personal Access Tokens, Service Account Keys or Legacy Keys

Using either rest api v1 or v2.

Even if we apply to a new sand box, this is happening.

Maybe is coincidence, but all of this started last Friday.

How long should we have to wait between subsequent requests. Even if we limit 1 api request per each 20 secs, 3 requests per minute, this is happening.

Thanks in advance


We are facing this exact same problem. We have inserted delays of up to 2 seconds for each individual API request, and it’s still returning the Rate Limit after a small number of API requests.

This is happening on our main account with REST api as well (I dont even think we have a developer account). It is certainly not obeying 5 requests per second or 120 request per minute, and is currently unusable when it hits the limit so fast.

We also submitted a ticket, a couple days ago, which has not been responded to. We need this fixed ASAP.

Thank you

As a note to those concerned, I’ve got a fix in for our proxy related to this which should be going out with our next weekly release. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!